November 21, 2003

Dead Canadians

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty in a Senate committee meeting said "Show me the dead Canadians. Where are the dead Canadians?". This was in reference to the importation of medication from Canada and the FDA's insistance that the drugs could be deadly.

Posted by Jeff at 10:12 AM

November 20, 2003

New background

I changed the backdrop of my computer at work to a dark gritty photo of a factory with black smoke coming out of the towers. It's my counter measure to the standard XP background with green rolling hills and a bright blue sky.

Posted by Jeff at 11:25 AM


Why isn't the word "gibberize" or it's past tense "gibberized" used more often. It seems to clearly characterize many things that I encounter on a daily basis.

Definition - An incorrect display of text or design. Often caused by differences in operating systems or program languages.

Example - The gibberized text was unreadable after the computer error.

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November 19, 2003

Need gas

Need to remember to get gas on my way home. Otherwise I won't be able to make it to work tomorrow. And that would be horrible.

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November 18, 2003

Stupid modem

Stupid modem. For some reason my computer decided after five years to decide that my modem was a piece of new hardware. Took more then an hour to get the stupid thing to work. Some of that time was spent looking for the install disk for a modem that's been in the computer since I got it. Maybe it was just mad that for the first two years I had a T3 and only used in when it went down or to dial directly into networks.

Posted by Jeff at 07:53 PM

November 16, 2003

The amazing internet

Isn't the internet amazing. Trying to track down Lemon Ice Gatorade. They don't seem to sell it any more. It was my favorite flavor.

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November 15, 2003

New gallery

I finished setting up the gallery. Now to populate it with photos.

Posted by Jeff at 08:57 PM

Unique name

Shared servers - it's almost impossible to find a unique database name.

Posted by Jeff at 05:37 PM

Matrix 3

The third Matrix movie sucked. Good thing I expected it. There were even kids sitting in the back of the theatre who were talking through the whole movie. I wanted to yell back at them that the movie was bad enough without their talking.

Posted by Jeff at 03:52 PM

Next task

Currently setting up a photo gallery on my site. Lets see how it goes.

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November 12, 2003


While I was getting my flu shot yesterday the nurse was making small talk. The normal stuff like what do you do? She also asked if I wanted to get it over quickly. I replied that I was in no hurry since as soon as I was done I would have to go back to work. I mentioned that getting a shot was worth a small break. She replied that she would rather be working then getting a shot because she is afraid of needles. This means that the nurse that was giving me a shot and had been giving them all day was afraid of needles.

Posted by Jeff at 10:51 AM

XP upgrade

Upgraded to XP at work last night. So far everything seems to be working ok.

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November 11, 2003

Flu shot

Got my flu shot today. It better work. It would suck to get another strain.

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November 06, 2003

Citrus Crest

I'm using the new Crest flavored toothpaste, specifically, the citrus flavored one. It isn't quite what I expected. MB thinks it tastes like an orange gum drop, one of the spicy ones.

Posted by Jeff at 10:38 AM

November 05, 2003

Amazing snowmen

The first snow of the year fell 2 days ago. It was amazing how fast the snowmen appeared in our neighborhood. Every couple of houses had one.

Posted by Jeff at 12:36 PM

New $20

I have a few of the new 20 dollar bills. They don't look that weird. If I hadn't checked I probably wouldn't even have noticed at first.

Posted by Jeff at 12:14 PM

November 04, 2003


What has your data done for you lately? Possible tag line for a data management campaign.

Seriously, People are constantly hoarding and protecting massive amounts of data, but to what end. When are they going to use it. Is storing it costing you more then you will ever get out of it in return. Maybe it's time to let go of some of your data.

What household needs an 80-gig hard drive? Well, most likely it's not for your financial records. Remember when everything important could be backed up on a single floppy, the giant 5 1/8 inch ones. I miss those days.

Posted by Jeff at 03:17 PM

Package #2

The other package has finally made it. Only 1 day and 35 minutes later than the other box.

Posted by Jeff at 02:33 PM

Vote Vikings

Don't forget to vote for the Vikings once a day.
Campbell's Chunky

Posted by Jeff at 01:31 PM

A tale of two boxes

Interesting, two boxes leave from the same location heading to the same location. The next day one of them is in the correct location and the other one is somewhere in Texas. The second lost box has visited Ohio twice. When will it make it?

The funny thing is that the two boxes were exactly the same size, weight, and had identical shipping labels.

Posted by Jeff at 09:41 AM

November 01, 2003

What a change

We had a lot of kids come to our house last night. It's a big change from living in an apartment building. A nice change.

After handing out candy we went to a Halloween party in Minneapolis. We had a fun time and got home late.

Posted by Jeff at 10:47 PM