October 31, 2003

Night lights

Last night the sky was orange. It was completely overcast and for some reason the light shining through the clouds had a scary orange glow. Other parts of the sky were completely dark.

Posted by Jeff at 08:30 AM

October 30, 2003

Free Pepsi hat

I just won a free football cap from Pepsi. I have two caps that say "JAGUARS". Now I just need to mail everything in and wait 8-10 weeks. By the time we receive it the season will be over.

I won a Superbowl cap last year and if I remember right we didn't receive it until late February.

Posted by Jeff at 10:25 AM

October 29, 2003

Web testing

Testing web surveys is all the rage. You should try it too.

Posted by Jeff at 06:16 PM

The good fight

Fighting mountain of paper...

...paper winning.

Posted by Jeff at 02:52 PM

Upgrade training

I had Windows XP upgrade training this morning. Three hours with a very interesting trainer. It didn't help that the mail server went down during the training. It's hard to explain Outlook changes with out being able to see the screens.

Posted by Jeff at 02:02 PM

October 28, 2003


Working is buggers. Will it never end.

Posted by Jeff at 05:34 PM

October 21, 2003

Fun work

Listening to a "Self" cd and producing htm. Maybe I should start a band.

Posted by Jeff at 10:36 AM

October 20, 2003



Posted by Jeff at 12:13 PM