September 28, 2003

An Accident Waiting to Happen

The kids next door are jumping off of a second story deck onto a trampoline. I'm just waiting for one of them to hit it and bounce off.

Posted by Jeff at 03:46 PM

September 15, 2003


So I used Listerine this morning like the commercials say for 30 seconds and now nothing tastes right. What good is having a sterile mouth if nothing tastes right?

Posted by Jeff at 10:01 AM

September 10, 2003

Site backup

Downloading my entire site. Might take a while.

Posted by Jeff at 10:12 PM

Bad phishers

I just got one of those "Hi, we need your account details. Because if we're not sure you are who you are you wouldn't answer your own email or know your own login".

How stupid do they think I am? Actually, they're not going after me. This one pretended to be from eBay. In the past I've got one for a bank that I didn't belong to and also a fake one for Amazon. They are easy to spot. First of all is the bad premise and second is that if you look at the email you often see that they don't know what to use for the text that is connected to the email address. Often they leave spaces out of your name or use the info from before the @ sign. Which usually isn't your full name.

Posted by Jeff at 09:14 PM

Mmmm Mexican

I'm really in the mood for some Mexican food right now. Salsa, spicy meat, guacamole, and melted cheese. It's only 10 in the morning though.

Posted by Jeff at 10:16 AM

Why brown fruit?

I'm currently eating a pear. Here's another question. Why does fruit need to turn brown? All I did was walk to the shared pc room to send a batch of emails.

Posted by Jeff at 09:43 AM

Question of the Day

Received my German techno CD a couple of days ago.

Here's a question. Which would you rather work with HAL from 2001 or Rudy from the Jetson's. Oh, and I'm not talking about the sorry I can not do that HAL. I'm talking about the HAL from the first half before he gets to goal oriented.

Posted by Jeff at 09:24 AM

New camera

My camera is being shipped and it looks like it's going to rain.

Posted by Jeff at 09:04 AM

September 08, 2003

Analog hobbies

MB is always saying that I need more analog hobbies.

I bought a lc-a lomo off of ebay this weekend. I should have it in about a week and a half. I'll probably take it with me when I have to travel to Seattle and Chicago in the next few months.

Posted by Jeff at 05:15 PM

September 07, 2003

Sneak attack

I killed two of the five spiders that are living on the outside of our house. You have to sneak up on them and get them quickly, otherwise, they crawl into the cracks and you can't get them. It's not as easy as you would think.

Posted by Jeff at 12:47 AM

September 06, 2003

Quiet Saturday

I just kinda laying around on Saturday. I've been watering the backyard and the side of the house all day and looking at Lomos on ebay. Specifically the lc-a models.

Posted by Jeff at 05:13 PM


Listening to Techno on the AM band. RadioK

Posted by Jeff at 05:10 PM

September 04, 2003

Are you?

Are you ready for some football?
Why yes I am.

Posted by Jeff at 05:11 PM

September 01, 2003


We have almost finished weeding the front yard. The main part is done and now we need to concentrate on the small part next to the driveway. My parents were over on Sunday and we were able to do some miscellaneous yard work. However, a good portion of the time was spent picking weeds. We also planted some other plants in the back garden, and trimmed the river birch in the front yard so that it doesn't rub the roof.

Posted by Jeff at 11:36 PM

Cut and a shave

Shaved off the goatee this weekend. I look quite a bit different. Now I just need to get a haircut.

Posted by Jeff at 11:21 PM