August 31, 2003


My neighbors are burning a small brush fire next door. I didn't know you could still do that in the Cities. I say small because for the most part it is. However, every once and a while when they put more brush on the fire it jumps up to eight feet of flames. I know this beacause if they are standing next to it and its a good distance above their heads it has to be at least eight feet.

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August 27, 2003


So I was driving home from work and a great driving song came on the radio. But I can't find it online to buy.

Monster Truck Driver (dabrye's big truck remix)
12" Novamute

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I have a package that belongs to the old owner of the house. A car dealership sent a priority package to the house. I tried the phone numbers that I have and both of them are disconected. She was married about a week before the sale and has a new name and I don't have a forwarding address. This sucks.

I called the dealership and let them know that I have the package.

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August 26, 2003

State Fair

Oh, and I also had a raspberry malt at the fair.

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Mine Sweeper - Hard Level

I can't seem to beat the hardest level of Mine Sweeper. What is it with that game? I make it down to single digit mines and then I'm forced to guess and Kaboom. Game over.

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August 25, 2003


Saturday night we were looking for an excuse to go outside and decided that it would be a good idea to weed our yard. Lately we have had a large crop of dandelions growing in our front yard. We started be walking around and pick out the thistles that seem to like our yard. The previous owner didn't spend much time outside. Then we began to pick dandelions. They are everywhere. I did a small patch around the garden in the backyard while MB was picking weeds out from inside of it. Then we went to the front yard. It's kind of embarrassing when you have a whole bunch of white fluffy dandelions in your front yard. There isn't much we can do about it right now though. We started by the driveway and didn't make it too far. I also pulled up a bunch of vine plants that have been growing along the edge of the driveway. We ended up pick two small plastic bags full of weeds. We stopped when I discovered that I had a giant blister in the palm of my hand. I only discovered it when it popped. It's not exactly pretty but it doesn't hurt too much.

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Busy weekend

We did quite a few things this last weekend.

On Friday we were suppose to be helping MB's parents loading their moving truck, however, they received a call earlier in the day informing them that it might take 24-48 hours for a truck to be available. So loading was postponed until further notice.

I also had my Fantasy Football draft at 8 that night at Mark's. It went pretty fast considering that quite a few people were drafting over the phone or via paper draft sheets. Plus the Vikings Game was on. I ended up doing pretty well. MB spent most of the night holding and entertaining Sidney.

After the late night we found out that MB's parents were able to get a truck the next morning but weren't sure exactly when. They ended up getting a truck at about ten the next morning.

We ended up getting there around eleven and loaded for about three hours. There is still a lot of stuff that needs to be moved. The closing is currently scheduled for next Friday. So right now they only have about four more days to get everything moved.

We spent the rest of Saturday putting away the rest of the kitchen items. So, there are no longer any boxes on the dining room floor. Slowly but surely everything is finding its place.

On Sunday we went to the Minnesota State Fair. We didn't find out until later that it tied the hottest day on record at the fair. It ended up being 97 degrees. That explains why we kept drinking fluids all day. Every time we finished a drink we were looking for another stand to get lemonade. Ended up eating a few different things. Turkey drumstick, apple fritters, loaded pack potato skins, cheese curds, turkey sandwich, and again lots of lemonade, water, and a slushy.

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August 21, 2003


Saw a collision this morning between a Schwan's truck and a pickup this morning. It made me ten minutes later to work. I tried to drive around it since it was blocking the road I needed. Unfortunately, the other route I tried to take was blocked off by construction.

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August 20, 2003


Why do I think it's funny when spreadsheets misunderstand data? 7E7 is a type of plane not a mathematical equation.

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Cleaning a mouse

I use more Scotch tape for cleaning my mouse at work then for anything else. If I didn't have a mouse I probably wouldn't even need tape.

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August 19, 2003

Dry spell

So I've only seen a few drops of rain. More a a sprinkle really. Please rain tonight.

I hate moving around the sprinkler, plus the trees are still really stressed. I'm not so worried about the grass. However, if we get enough rain I'll finally have to put together the lawnmower.

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August 18, 2003


I just saw lightning. Rain please.

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Small lights

We now have four new night lights. The little plug in ones that only use 2 cents of electricity a year. There interesting. If I remember right there based on the same principle as lightning bugs. There was one outside the house a few nights ago.

I hope it rains soon. It's way too dry outside.

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I want to knock down some of these f***ing cube walls so that I can see a window.

Stupid cold! Go away! I can't f***ing think.

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Ahh work

I'm tired of working. When do I get to retire?

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August 15, 2003

Forensic scientist

Playing forensic scientist with a piece of paper that went through the wash in my jeans pocket. My main question is: "Where is the rest of the paper?Ē It appears to have disintegrated. I'm thinking that it's some kind of a Cub Foods receipt, but I'm not sure. Most of the ink has washed off.

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August 14, 2003

Pricing data

I'm also starting to compare satalite vs. cable and cable modem vs. DSL. Everything costs so much. It's just data people. We can live without it yet it costs more than some of my basic utilities.

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There's a rabbit in our backyard that eats all of the weeds. I like him.

Last night for dinner I ate two cupcakes and one of those cheap pizzas that cost about $1.25. The ones with the itsy bitsy diced toppings that you can't quite tell what they are. It tasted great. I use to eat them all of the time in college. I think that they were only one dollar then.

Movies that I've seen recently and need to review.

Ice Age
Old School
The Life of David Gail
The Sum of All Fears

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August 09, 2003

MB's car

MB's car is at the repair shop. The battery indicator has been coming on and the anti-lock brakes started lighting up too. We had to jump-start it to get it to the shop. It sounds like it might be the alternator.

It ended up being the alternator. It could have been worse.

I cleaned up the gunk that was in the washing machine. It was mainly made of waxy soap and some fuzz and hair. Fun stuff, at least were able to wash clothes now. We've also started setting up the kitchen. The pantry in the kitchen holds a lot more then you would expect. Stuff that use to be spread all over the kitchen now fit in just one place.

Later today we're heading to St. Louis Park for a house warming/birthday party for one of MB's co-workers.

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August 08, 2003

Air conditioner

It's nice to be able to turn on the air conditioner with having to yell over the noise it produces. I canít even tell that itís on most of the time. The wall units in the apartment were so loud that the TV had to be turned up to almost double its normal volume just so you could hear it.

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Bye apartment

Turned in the keys to our apartment today. During the final walkthrough they found a few things that needed to be cleaned better. So, I sent to Rainbow for cleaning supplies. Rainbow has changed a lot since it was bought. The isles are clean and nothing stacked on top of the shelves anymore, plus there were no more crappy TVs for sale in giant stacks in the front of the store.

I keep expecting someone to come to the house and ask me to leave. Something about me being too young to own a house. I mean, how did this happen? Am I supposed to own a house? Itís odd actually having a two-car garage and a lawn to look after.

We decided to do laundry tonight and found an odd growth in the washing machine. Itís in the center of the machine. It looks mostly like soap but has a little bit of a funky smell. So, we put the laundry on hold until we can clean it out.

Weíve finally figured out that the previous owner was a neat freak, but didnít look for messes or things that needed repairs. She only cleaned things that could be seen. If she couldnít see it in the normal course of a day she didnít touch it.

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August 06, 2003

New lawn

Started watering the lawn today. It's so dry out. I don't want the new neighbors to think that we don't know how to take care of a yard.

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Company donations

I was watching PBS tonight and in between the programs they thank supporting companies. I was totally surprised when they said my company's name. It hadn't occurred to me before that they might donate to public television. I guess it makes sense since we do educational testing. It just caught me off guard to hear it on TV.

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Fun with cars

MB's car now has both the battery and the anti-lock brake light on. So after I do the walk through at the apartment tomorrow I'll bring it in to have it looked at. It seems like everything breaks in your cars at the same time. Why aren't cars self-healing?

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I worked on the bike for a while and everything appeared to be finished when I noticed that one of the front brake pads isn't returning to the right place. I'll have to adjust it.

It appears that all of the teenagers in the city hang out at the Taco Bell. We stopped by to get a quick dinner since we haven't finished setting up the kitchen yet. There were about 25 or 30 kids roaming around and they all had better cars then us.

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Bike assembly

Trying to assemble a bike, but my wrench isn't big enough. Looks like I'm going to Home Depot. If only I still had all of my wrenches from high school. Can I have them back please?

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Water softener

Our water softener was almost empty when we moved in. There was only a little salt water in the bottom. I ended up putting in 200 lbs. of salt and probably need to put in another 80 lbs. or so. Luckily salt is cheap, only 3 to 4 dollars a bag.

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Everything is now moved from the apartment to the house. We moved most of the boxed items on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday we rented a U-Haul and moved all of the furniture. It went a lot faster then I expected. We picked up the truck at 7 and had it at the apartment building by 7:20. We had everything loaded and at the house by 10:30.

The hardest part of moving isn't getting everything from point A to point B, it's finding the correct place for everything. Currently the current place is the basement. We have so much stuff to go through. It's hard to know where to start.

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August 01, 2003


The closing went well. It took less then 2 hours, even with the errors that they had to correct. The had the wrong purchase price, an incorrect current address, referenced the wrong company for a fee, and tried to charge the sellers 11% closing instead of just the 2.7% that they were suppose to.

We've moved most of our stuff. The furniture will be moved tomorrow morning with the help of friends and family. It will be nice to have everything in one place. However, we'll still need to do some deep cleaning at the apartment.

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