July 30, 2003


Changing misc. addresses.

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July 29, 2003


You have to be careful when you run a program. I just told my computer to rub the program. The two letters are just to close together. New house two days and counting.

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July 28, 2003

Good weekend

Had a good weekend. I ate mostly brats all weekend and won at poker. New house three days and counting.

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July 24, 2003

How could you not know

I just found someone who did not know that trading MP3 files was illegal. It surprised me. Last week he was all excited about how he now had a cable connection for his computer and could now work on his web site faster. And a little over a week later he's paranoid about being subpoenaed. It's a complete 180. When I asked him how he thought the files got there he said he just hadn't thought about it. He thought it was great and that it had been explained to him that everyone just shared their music, end of story. The funny thing is that the person who installed the cable modem showed him the site. He believed that if they had a web site they had to be legitimate.

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July 23, 2003


I think I sunburned the top of my head. This sucks. I have to keep scratching my head. People are going to think I have lice or something.

Eight days and counting till the house. Three days and count to poker. And I still need quarters.

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July 18, 2003

TV reception

We haven't had decent TV reception in more then a week. I think the cable guy disconnected us from the building antenna or our cable is touching another cable and causing interference. Oh well, I've been listening to more music lately instead.

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Vikings vs. Seahawks

I have tickets to the Vikings vs. Seahawks game in December. I have to make sure that we have a good pair of binoculars before then. We're in the upper deck near the 30-yard line.

Reminders to self:
Poker night in just over a week, still need to get quarters.

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July 17, 2003

New footrest

I just got a footrest. It's comfy. Thanks Sara.

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July 16, 2003


In two weeks I'll be on vacation. And in two weeks and a day I'll have a new house. Wonít that be odd, actually yard work after have six years off.

I probably shouldn't have onion rings and root beer floats for dinner any more. Or at least space them out.

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We did a lot of things this last weekend. But before that an update on Powerball. We didn't win. Well actually we did but only three dollars and since we spent more I don't think that counts as winning. We also accidentally bought tickets for last Saturdayís drawing, which we also didn't win. We did have to lines that matched two numbers though. One more number and we would have had seven dollars.

Last Saturday morning we spent two hours finishing off last scene of Matt's film. The shooting was pretty easy. It also sounded like the film is now ten to twelve minutes long. So it's more around the length that it was originally suppose to be. Eventually Matt is going to produce a DVD will all of his shorts on it. I can't wait. However, it sounds like it will be three or four months yet.

Later that day we went to the elementary school and ball fields near our new house. There are three baseball fields and four soccer fields in the park.

On Sunday we went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. It was the best action movie I've seen so far this year, overall very entertaining. It kept me interested throughout the whole movie with no down time. The special effects were spectacular and they didn't draw attention to themselves. All of the effect helped the story and werenít gratuitous.

After the movie we went to an open house down the block from our new house. The house was bigger but needed a lot more work. It was overpriced for the condition it was in. After looking at the house we went for a walk on some of the trails in the neighborhood and met a few of our neighbors.

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I'm starting to think that mortgage lenders make all their money from recycling paper. Every time I go to the office they ask me to bring more copies of documents. They probably make a fortune recycling it all.

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July 11, 2003


Almost every day this week I have had to swat a mosquito in the office. I'm on the third floor of a building where the windows can't be opened. I see more mosquitoes at work then I do outside.

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Site update

So, I have the basic framework of the site up. I still need to do some revising of the main html and add the photo mechanisms.


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July 10, 2003

New site

Working on a new web site for a coworker. She's going to Japan for a year and wanted a way to keep in contact with her family and friends. It's kind of fun to work on someone elseís web site for a change.

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July 09, 2003

Parking downtown

Yesterday MB had a horrible time trying to get to her parking space downtown. The Shriners were having a parade. Then last night I found out that they are having another parade today. I was afraid that Shriners would chase MB all around downtown in the morning in their little cars. It turns out that the parade today is in the evening, so MB might get chased yet.

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Emergency helicopter

I just saw a giant emergency helicopter land on southbound 494 at Bass Lake Road. There was some type of crash under the bridge and all of the traffic is being stopped. I've never seen such a large helicopter land on a freeway before. It must have been a messy crash.

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July 08, 2003

The Transporter

I watched The Transporter last night. It's a horrible movie. For a movie about a person who delivers packages no question asked in his fancy car the chase scenes sucked. They should have been much better. The fact that he also didn't ever seem to care that his car and house had been blown up didn't make any sense either. It was a pretty week movie that I would not recommend to anyone.

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Problem with problems

Here's the problem with problems. They can only be solved at a set rate. However, they occur at any rate. It's just not fair.

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July 07, 2003

Scotland, Pa.

We watched Scotland, Pa. on Saturday night. It was one of the more interesting movies that I have seen lately. Any movie with Christopher Walken is bound to get a better review from me though. Maura Tierney is also in the film, this might be the first time that Iíve seen her in a movie. The basic premise of the movie is a murder mystery, where you already know who did it. The whole plot of the movie is wrapped around Shakespeareís McBeth, only in a fast food restaurant in the 70ís. On of my favorite parts is when Walken turns around and says something to the affect that he use to be a dancer and then does a few steps. It had nothing to do with the movie but was just to funny.

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Powerball tickets

We bought five more Powerball tickets for last Saturday's drawing. This time we got the Powerball correct. So, out of ten dollars spent so far we have now won three. Also, since the main prize has yet to be won we will be reinvesting our three dollars to buy five more tickets. The first drawing that we bought tickets for had a prize of 160 million. For the second drawing the prize was about 200 million. The prize will be well over 200 million for the next drawing. I'm guessing that it will be at least 240 million.

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July 05, 2003


Iíve seen a few movies in the last week or so. Last week Matt came over and we finally watched Barton Fink by the Coen brothers. It was a little different then what I had thought it would be. However, once I remembered where it fell in the timeline of their movies it made a lot more sense. There are also a few parts of the film that I have yet to make sense of.

On Thursday night I watched Cowboy Bebop the movie. It seemed a lot like the TV show. I only saw a little bit of it while I was traveling. It does have a bit of a gritty feel. They also use angles that are unique for a cartoon.

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Long weekend

Long fourth of July weekend. Went to see the fireworks in Richfield last night. It was a perfect night. There were almost no clouds in the sky and hardly any mosquitoes. There were also plenty of the large fireworks, like the ones that you can feel in your sternum. If you canít feel the boom itís just not the same.

Earlier in the day we went to a park for a picnic and then played frisbee golf. Iím a lot better then I had thought I would be. The course at Moir Park was pretty good too. I hadnít played it in quite a while.

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July 03, 2003

Long day

Long day at work today.

Last night we bought five tickets for the Powerball drawing. The jackpot was up to 160 million. We didn't have a single correct number. What are the odds of that?

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July 01, 2003

Hand cramps

Getting hand cramps. I'm making thousands of check marks today. I think we're testing to see how many lines a pen can draw before it goes dry.

I'm eating another one of the cookies from yesterday's basket. This time it's watermelon. I can't believe that they weren't all eaten yesterday.

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