December 26, 2003

#3 apartment layout

Cleaning out the bookshelf in the computer room and came across a layout from the last apartment.

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December 22, 2003


I inherited a hole punch at work. Ya, that's the word I'll use.

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December 19, 2003

Pilot G-2

My favorite type of pen is available at work, the Pilot G-2. I have been buying them and bringing them in to work, isn't that sad. They haven't stocked them in more than a year. I was finally running out of my personal stash and had started to use another type of pen. Stupid other pens won't work after the clip breaks off. Luckily they reappeared in the supply closet today. I guess its time to stock up on pens.

Posted by Jeff at 01:36 PM

Less spam

Has anyone else been receiving a lot less spam the last week or so?

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December 18, 2003


I think I've had too much caffeine today.

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I thought that I had a splinter in my hand. It turned out to be a beard hair. Darn there tough.

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December 12, 2003

My roadside sign

Will validate your data or design a website for food.

Would this even get any takers? I'd better never lose my job. I'd starve.

Posted by Jeff at 10:03 AM

120,000 miles

My car is just about ready to turn 120,000 miles. Beat that. Last time I made it this far the car fell apart.

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December 11, 2003

Speed melting

Actually, I just got another glass and it's closer to 30 seconds to melt two ice cubes.

Posted by Jeff at 02:51 PM

Hot, hot cider

I just burned the back of my throat on hot cider. I added two ice cubes and they both melted in under a minute.

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December 10, 2003

Today is

Client card signing day

Posted by Jeff at 02:28 PM

Love the new shovel

I shoveled twice last night and once this morning. It was much easier with my new shovel. Itís an ergonomic push shovel, one of the ones with the bend in the handle. It made it much easier.

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December 05, 2003


Why am I so tired today?

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December 04, 2003

What is it with data?

What is it with data? I feel like I have to understand and store every piece of it that comes my way. Most of it I will never even reference again. Or if I do I will be able to find it in another way or just get along without it. People have managed to live for a long time without huge data caches. However, it wasn't being spewed at them at the same rate. It uses to take a lot more manual labor to generate a letter or document. Now you can write thousands with the touch of a button. Also, a few more lines of text or legalize doesn't cost anything to produce.

Posted by Jeff at 11:51 AM

Pepsi prizes

The prize that you could win should never determine the product that you buy. That said. I have won three NFL hats after buying just 14 Pepsis.

Oh, and the only exception is lottery tickets.

Posted by Jeff at 10:22 AM

December 03, 2003


Sneezes - Hands, Elbow, Shoulder, or Kleenex?

Posted by Jeff at 01:37 PM

Sealing windows

I put up plastic in one of the bedroom windows last night to see if it would stop water from collecting on the sill in the morning. Those things are a pain to put up. Also, the directions indicated that I should put it over the whole window. That's not possible unless I never want to move the shades again. Plus it's almost impossible not to put wrinkles in the plastic as you tape it up. I left the window next to it uncovered for now. I'm using it as a test group. This morning there wasn't water on either window so no results yet.

Posted by Jeff at 10:17 AM