September 29, 2004

Searching for me?

The other day someone search for me by name on Yahoo and then looked around my site and searched for the word "married". Now I'm wondering who it is. Someone from high school? or college?

If you want to you can send me an email.

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I need to start focusing my extra time on specific topics. Too often I forget to pick something that I can concentrate on and give my full attention to. So now the issue is picking what one or two things to focus on. Here are the first few that come to mind.

  • Photography
  • Home Improvements
  • Finance
  • Programming
  • Organization
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September 28, 2004


Things I need to do:

Mow lawn 9/29
Get haircut 10/4
Cash check 9/28
Change oil 9/28
Have keys made - I did they just didn't work.
Pay bills 9/29
Sort through old clothes
Complete insurance forms 10/2
Wash clothes 9/29
Fold clothes 9/30

...and yes the list is getting longer. I'm adding items as I remember them.

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September 16, 2004


It's an undocumented feature

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September 13, 2004

Gmail Account

If you happen to read this and want a gmail account let me know. I have a few invites that I would be glad to give away. You can't beat all of that extra storage space.

Another great way to receive a gmail invite is thought this site:
You arrange to trade something for access to an account. However, don't go there with codes expecting to make it rich. It appears that most of the people with accounts are simply giving them away.

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September 01, 2004

Matrixed Organizations

Being in a "matrixed organization" is a business code word for "even your manager doesn't know what you do".

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