March 25, 2004

Underwear, that's right

Last weekend I was dress shopping. Not me, MB. I was just waiting for the movie to start. I noticed the difference between how men's and women's underwear is sold. In particular I'm referencing the underwear piles that women are willing to dig through. They are usually just large bins full of tangled underwear. The idea of pull out something to wear from one of those giant piles gives me the willies. However, it looked almost like it was some kind of sport. While I was waiting in the store three women were digging through the piles with great glee. Each time they found a piece that met their requirements they would hold it up like they had just scored some type of victory. They would then put it aside in their pile to keep track of there winnings.

I can't image men doing this. If it's not boxed or shrink wrapped most men wouldn't even look at it. The only exception is when hangers are used for novelty prints but even then they are arranged and separated.

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March 24, 2004

One Dollar Coins

On my lunch break today I ran a few errands. One of my errands was to pickup stamps, one of lifeís necessities to ensure that bills are paid on time. After buying my stamps from the vending machine I receive my change in one dollar coins. Not a surprise since the government has piles of them that they need to get into circulation. I ended up with two Susan B. Anthony coins and three Sacagawea coins. The Sacagawea coins were pretty roughed up. The gold coating seems to be rubbing off on all of the high points. You would think that with the huge supply of these coins that the government has and the fact that consumers do not seem to want to use them that they would want to wait before they attempt to issue another dollar coin. However, they are currently considering issuing one dollar coins with each of the US Presidents on them. This would be similar to the state coins that are currently being issued on quarters. Personally, I think itís going to take much more than a series of Presidential coins to raise the interest level in one dollar coins.

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March 18, 2004

Back to Photography

I need to start taking pictures again, especially, now that the weather has gotten better. I have no excuses now. It would also help justify buying an expensive digital camera.

I'm really into Soul Coughing at the moment. I've been digging out all of their CDs to listen to at work.

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March 12, 2004

Weekly Ranking Update

On Thursday I was ranked 38th, a small improvement and on Friday I am ranked 25th on the "WEEK-TO-DATE" board. Let's see if I can get higher.

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March 10, 2004

Weekly Ranking

On Tuesday I was ranked 95th on the "WEEK-TO-DATE" board and today, Wednesday, I am ranked 39th.

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March 09, 2004

Updated Net Worth

Ok, here's a graph of my net worth over almost the first month. I have a few more days to go. After the first two weeks I had a massive hit to my portfolio. But it appears that I have recovered nicely. At this actual moment I have a net worth of $3,061,398.99. The graph is usually two days behind.

Once again. Keep in mind that this is for a stock game and has no reflection on real life.

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Sucking on a Rum Cake

So the new song that I heard on the radio and believed was called Sucking on a Rum Cake is actually called Surfin' On A Rocket. I'm not quite sure how I mixed the two up.

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