January 14, 2003

Axis and Allies

I played Axis and Allies this weekend while watching the Eagles win. I played both Russia and the US. Unfortunately, the Allies lost the war. Germany was able to defeat Russia. This put the rest of the game in a sort of stalemate. We eventually gave up to stop the incessant island hopping that the US was doing while trying to break Japan. Overall though it was a great game. Very even play.

Posted by Jeff at 10:15 AM

January 08, 2003

Hi vs. Hello

I need ot stop saying "Hi" when I run into people. I should say "Hello" instead. It sounds more formal.

Posted by Jeff at 04:57 PM


Lots of long meetings this week.

Posted by Jeff at 03:32 PM

Toasty O's

I bought Toasty O's (generic) and green grapes instead. The O's came in a 32 oz bag. It should last me quite a while.

Posted by Jeff at 01:31 PM

LifeLike at the Fine Line

Went to the Fine Line on Monday night to see LifeLike. It sounds like it was their second to last show.

I need to buy a box of Cherrios for the office. It's to hard to remember to bring a bag of them to work.

Posted by Jeff at 12:21 PM

January 06, 2003


I'm not in the mood for Monday. This is going to be a long week.

Posted by Jeff at 03:54 PM

January 03, 2003

Fishheads, fishheads

Fishheads, fishheads. That stupid song is stuck in my head.

Posted by Jeff at 10:10 AM