May 31, 2005

Born Today - Chloe Marie Everaert

Chloe Marie
6 pounds 10 ounces
20 inches

To Chris and Bill Everaert
at 12:23 am

Photos of Chloe
Chloe Marie 1

Chloe Marie 2

Chloe Marie 3

Chloe Marie 4

Posted Messages

Congratulations! What a cute baby! Where did all that hair come from? I imagine big brother is quite excited. Love, Aunt & Uncle Marion
Uncle & Aunt Marion

Congratulations. It was great visiting Chloe and we can't wait to visit again.
Jeff and Mary Beth

Welcome to this world Chloe.Do you love your new mommy,daddy and big brother?God sure blessed mommy&daddy.Be good& see you soon.Love,Corrine

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May 23, 2005

Image Search and Word Choice

It is very important to use the correct search term when searching for graphics. In this case spelling is critical. One letter makes a big difference.

Image Search - Boing       (Not Work Safe)

Image Search - Boeing

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May 20, 2005

Google Personal

Google Personal is now beta.

The new Google Personal is similar to My Yahoo but seems to deliver a cleaner looking page. Plus I'm already hooked on Gmail and Google News.


Google Personal

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Google Jump

So, this morning I was checking my Google Rank and found that I, Jeff Running, have finally made it. I am now #3 for my own name.

Google Search Results

I've been #1 at MSN and #2 at Yahoo for quite some time. But Gooogle is much harder to crack.

MSN Search Results
Yahoo Search Results

Luckily, I don't have much competition for my own name. Yes I know there are other Jeff Runnings out there but they don't seem to have much of a web presence.

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May 19, 2005


The pick-up kickball game is each Tuesday at 7:30 at the north end of Kenwood Park. Follow the red kickball to find the game. Sorry about last week Matt.

Kenwood Park Kickball

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Arrested Development

Fox has just released its new fall schedule. "Arrested Development" has been renewed and moved to Monday nights. Yeah.

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Fun Tax

All of the major video game vendors are releasing details of the new platforms to start the PR buzz machine. This article on has an interesting lead in to the article.

Upgrading to a next generation game console is looking to be an expensive endeavor, working not unlike a tax on the non-industrious.

This is so true. Especially, with the expected price of the new Microsoft gaming system Xbox 360 looking to be priced around $400. I'm expecting major price drops when the Play Station 3 hits the market next spring. I'll have to get a large HD TV by then.

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Uninvited Guest

Apparently, sometime in the last week we had an uninvited guest move into our garage. When I was taking the trash to the curb on Wednesday morning I found piles of small pellets near the wall. After checking around all of the edges it became apparent that we had a mouse.

Last weekend when my dad was over helping install the new over the range microwave he had spotted a mouse run along the east side of the house.

I haven't had to deals with mice in about five years.
Trap Worked
More Mice

I put out two snap traps last night. In the morning I added two glue traps. We'll see how it goes. Hopefully there's only one.

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May 13, 2005

A Name for the Ages

Ever wonder if your name was a rising stock or had seen better days. The Baby Name Wizard site claims to be "The ultimate filed guide to names". It would be hard to disagree after seeing the Name Voyager. A handy tool that graphically shows you the popularity of a name over the past century.

Name Voyager

A brief description from the site states:

Explore the sea of names, letter by trends rise and fall, and dive in deeper to see your favorite name's place in the historical tides.

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May 12, 2005

Empty your pockets please

The NTSA confiscates all of the pointy objects you accidentally bring to the airport. You may have seen the drop boxes where you cen place unapproved items prior to passing through security.

All of those items eventually end up somewhere. And apparently somewhere is eBay.

I mean who doesn't need a pile of scissors.

Or hundreds of the infamous box cutters.

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Finally mowed the whole lawn

I've finally mowed the whole lawn. It only took me two days.

Early May - The first time I attempted to mow the lawn this year I only finished the front and sides of the house. The grass was still fairly short and it was gettign late in the day.

May 10th - The second time I finished the front east side and back yard. I was rained out.

May 11th - Finished mowing the west side and front yard. Looks great.

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I purchased 5 Powerball tickets last night. Then made plans to spend the 96 million or even just the 100 thousand.

Long story short I'm at work this morning. I didn't win.

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