May 30, 2003

Two movies

I rented and watched two movies in the last week, Brazil and Evolution.

Brazil is a masterpiece. I’ve seen it a few times before. This was the first time that MB had seen it. I’m not sure she liked it. She did seem to like the theme song though. At one point she said that Terry Gilliam should have used less drug at the time. I can understand that a little. The director’s cut of the move seems to flow quite a bit better then this version. It also includes quite a bit more detail.

Evolution was a horrible attempt to be a modern day Ghostbusters, same director. It included quite a bit of potty humor and very little plot. Quite a few of the scenes were inserted in the move only to forward the plot and added little value. People can probably skip this one.

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Me a ragamuffin?

I'm wearing my orange polo today, the one that MB says makes me look like a ragamuffin. For some reason I seem to be laughing at just about anything that is remotely funny.

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May 29, 2003

Root beer

I should stop drinking root beer for breakfast. I seem to have fallen into the routine the last week or so.

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May 28, 2003


Let's see... What have I been doing? I’ve been assembling document for our mortgage. I assume this is pretty much how an IRS audit works and just about as much fun. Actually, so far it hasn’t been that bad.

We're going out with a realtor this weekend. It should be fun. It will be interesting to see what types of houses she brings us to. So far we've been pretty vague about what kind of a house we want.

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May 23, 2003

The water test

One of my clients is always telling me that I work too much and always comes up with example to illustrate the fact that I don't need to work so hard. This example was specifically to illustrate that everyone is replaceable and that one person does not hold everything together. He called it the water test. Place your finger in a glass of water. Then pull you finger out. What happens to the water? Does a hole remain where your finger was? Of course not. Everything else adjusts to fill you place. It isn't exactly how it was before but the glass of water doesn't suddenly self-destruct. It can get along with out you just like your job can.

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May 22, 2003

Sorting change

MB and I collected and sorted most of our change last night and ended up with more than three hundred dollars worth of nickels, dimes, and quarters. We still need to do a rough tally of the pennies. Hmm, we'll have that house in no time.

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Stain resistant slacks

So, have you seen those ads for the slacks that repel liquids? Where everything just beads up and rolls off. Well they work. Thanks pants for a clean lunch.

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Expense check issues

My expense check was sent to the wrong address and bounced back already. I need to get stamps when I deposit the check.

I also need to get a haircut again. I always forget and end up all shaggy. Maybe no one else can tell but I can.

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Things to remember to do:

Give notice so that I am going month-to-month.
Check with account to see what address they sent my expense check to.
Check to see if they forgot to bill renters insurance again.
Do morgage research.

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May 21, 2003

Football Draft

Less then three months until the draft.

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May 17, 2003

Garage saling

We went garage saling this morning. MB got a few candles, or rather wax flower holders. They were hollow and didn't have wix. At that same sale they had a whole bunch of electronics. i think that they worked at Best Buy and cleared out all of the leftover stock and open package goods. There was enought that it seemed like they might have taken it. Oh well. MB also bought the book Dante's Inferno. I found a CD of the Pizicato Five's. I'll have to listen to it later. Amazon keeps recomending their CDs to me. It was only 2 dollars.

Right now I am at MB's work looking out of a 29th floor window. She has a nice view. I wish I had windows at work. Stupid cube walls.

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May 16, 2003


Root beer and Twizzlers does not a breakfast make.

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May 15, 2003


I ate half a box worth of pudding a few nights ago. I think I'm still riding a buzz from it.

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May 14, 2003


Last night MB and I went on a walk and saw three deer, two foxes, and a handful of other animals (squirrels, rabbits, red wing black birds, woodpeckers). MB was able to get very close to the deer and took a few pictures. The foxes kept watching us from a distance.

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May 13, 2003

Guacamole y Salsa

MB made great Guacamole and Salsa last night. Yummy leftovers for lunch. I'm going to see the new Matrix movie on Thursday night. We bought some plants for our deck. I'm working on a separate links page for my site. We're getting closer to applying for a mortgage. Work weeks seem to be getting longer and longer. Just a few quick notes.

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May 10, 2003

Walker after hours

Last night MB and I went to a Walker After Hours show on Minimalist art called Minimal Investment. Most of the art in the show was, well, quite simple. There were only a few pieced that were interesting on any level. Especially, since most of the pieces were made in the last 30 or so years. One of the interesting things about the Walker After Hours shows is that you can buy martinis to drink before entering the galleries. They also showed two films last night Samuel Beckett’s Film and La Jetée. La Jetée is the film that Terry Gilliam based 12 Monkeys on.

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May 09, 2003


My stupid car has a leak above the driver side door. They designed the car so that the rubber seal meets directly over my door. So, when the seal shifts towards the back of the car it opens up a hole in the waterproofing that actually diverts water directly into the car and onto my seat. I simply grabbed the rubber blocker and shifted it back this morning. The only problem is that it rained all night. It's going to take forever for my seat to dry out. Errrrrr.

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May 08, 2003

My birthday

So, today is my birthday. So far I have a balloon, two birthday cards, a doughnut with candles in it, and a potted flower.

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May 07, 2003


Lightning just hit one of the trees outside the office and split it right down the middle. It's probably the loudest explosion I've heard in quite a while. Luckly my car was no where near that part of the parking lot.

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May 04, 2003

Travel backlog

Here's some things that I wrote on a notepad on Tuesday afternoon when I didn't have internet access.

Went to the Hunting Beach pier last night for dinner. At the end of the pier is a burger joint named Ruby's. One of those places that still pretends it's the 50's. I had a bluae burger, some onion rings, and a Black Forest malt (chocolate with black cherries). I remember that they spelled blue in the name of the burger oddly.

I ended up using the same taxi service the whole time I was in California. All three of the drivers were quite different. I forgot, four taxis. I forgot about the Sunday taxi. However, that driver wasn't of note. My Monday morning driver kept asking me if Boeing was hiring and mentioned that he had been looking for a job for a few months. He even showed me his student ID card. The other interesting driver I had was on my way to John Wayne airport. We had discussions on how sports were no longer competitive; seasons are to long, to many teams. We also talked about how cars in the south can run their air conditioners all year and never have a problem, but cars up north run them for a short period of time and overheat. Also about cars, if a car from the southern US goes up north it can't start in cold weather even when all the other cars can.

It's a good thing that I made it to the airport early. My original flight was canceled. I ended up making it on an earlier flight that was leaving in twenty minutes. This means that I'll make it to Seattle in just over two hours.

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May 02, 2003


On my way in to Chicago I landed at O'Hare. On my way out I am flying out of Midway. This should be a fun experience. I've heard that it's quite a mess sometimes. And so this is how I will be ending my four leg, five flight, and four airline trip.

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Travel update

While I was traveling I have had one cancelled flight and one delayed flight. I was able to catch an earlier flight when they cancelled my flight from Orange County to Seattle. So that was in my favor. When I was flying from Seattle to Chicago there was a rain delay. At first it was only about an hour delay. Since I was checking in early I was able to switch to an earlier flight. It's a good thing that I did too. The earlier flight that I was able to get on was originally scheduled to take-off at noon. After all of the delays were put together it didn't leave until 3:30, the same time that my original flight was scheduled for. I can only imagine what time my original flight landed. With a three and a half hour delay minimum, a four hour flight, and losing two hour changing time zones they wouldn't arrive until one in the morning. That is if they even took off.

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Training complete

The last training session is complete. So I'm just waiting, passing the time while I wait for my flight out. I had an interesting cabby last night. After I got in the cab he asked me if I'd minded picking up another person so I wouldn't have to pay as much. I said sure. What harm could it do? He decided to pick up four other people who were each going to separate locations downtown. So, I save about 15 dollars and he makes about an extra 45. He was one of those drivers that are always swerving all over the road and never pay attention. I think he was scaring a few of the other passengers. I was just glad to be in Chicago and could care less. He also kept talking about a bridge that crushed a taxi about 10 years ago. It must have been his favorite story.

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