July 30, 2002

Things to do

So, I'm going to try and stick to just working 40 hours a week. I am also going to start bring my lunched to work. I've now done it for two days in a row, not bad. I also need to remember to jog tonight. It's so easy to forget.

The wedding is now two and a half months away. We're getting our engagement pictures taken tomorrow. We had thought about getting them taken at the Sculpture Garden, however, you need to apply for a permit at least 10 days in advance.

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July 29, 2002

Back from Vacation

So I just had a week of vacation and this is my first day back. Everything seems to have went OK while I was gone. However, the people who were covering for me seemed extra glad to see me. That's understandable though, it sucks to have to do someone elses work on top of your own work load.

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July 27, 2002

Movie Review

Movie Review

Three of Five Stars

I saw "The Bourne Identity" last night. Overall it was a good flick. It was nothing to write home about but was interesting. Matt Damon does a good job as usual. He’s actually a much better actor then most people give him credit for. Franka Potente is also very good in the movie I hadn’t seen her in a movie since “Run Lola Run”. However, it appears that she was in “Blow” I just must not have noticed.

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July 26, 2002


So, it's been a long time. What's new? I've graduated and entered the working world. I’m getting married this October.

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