October 25, 2000

Punch Something

Have you ever wanted to punch something but not punch something, Well I do. I wish I could just punch the air. However I think it would need a little more resistance. Maybe one of those foggy nights where the air is thicker.

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October 20, 2000


At work today I responded to over 150 e-mails. Most of these people ask questions that if they just read the instructions they wouldn't need to ask. Well, at least it gives me something to do. I just wish that a few of them would think before they sent e-mails. It would allow me to maybe just once answer all of the e-mails. To have a empty inbox. Ah, to dream the impossible dream.

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October 19, 2000

More Mice

We caught mouse number two sometime last night. So, I bought another pack of traps on my way back from Quantitative Analysis. This second mouse explains how he was able to move so fast. I'm guessing that there are probably a few more mice around.

I got my midterm for Quantitative Analysis back. I received 92%, not bad. Only half of the class received an A. It dropped off quickly from there. There were even two Fs. In a class of only 17 people that's a lot.

Posted by Jeff at 11:21 AM


Why does it seem like the more you try to go to sleep early the later you stay up? This always seems to happen to me.

The book for my film class has finally arrived at the bookstore. "Good Scripts Bad Scripts" by Thomas Pope. It should be an interesting read.

I was finally able to go to the grocery store today and am now enjoying my baby carrots, nice and juicy.

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October 18, 2000

Trap Worked

The mouse trap has worked. The little guy was very fat round ball of fur. It only took about two and a half hours to catch him. We'll leave out the other trap just incase he has a few friends.

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Two traps for a $1.39 not a bad deal.

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So guess what? We have a mouse running around in our apartment. I just put out a few glue traps. We had a mouse last year but he vacated the premises before our spring trap caught him. This is a picture of the trap. See the nice mouse looking at the trap. Hopefully we'll catch him before everyone goes to sleep. Otherwise he'll be making noise and thrashing around all night. I'll keep you informed.

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October 11, 2000

So how's life?

So how's life? The weeks keep getting fuller and fuller. Sometimes you just wonder when you are supposed to sleep. At least I've started to go to sleep sooner, usually by twelve thirty. That should help some.

My film class has started to focus on the role of the outsider :: outlaw :: and the other. It will probably be a little more interesting. We watched "Notting Hill" tonight. It's not that bad of a film. I just wish the idiot in the front row would shut-up. He doesn't need to counter every point that the teacher makes with his own witty thoughts.

By the time I return to work on Thursday I will probably have about 200 e-mails to answer. That should keep me busy.

Things I need to do tomorrow:

- Change oil in my car
- Laundry
- Study for Quantitative Analysis mid-term
- Internet class lab
- Grocery shop
- Find out when dinner with my brother is this weekend
- Schedule appointment with IT department
- Attend classes (of course)
- See if Steve returned from the coast
- Probably some more stuff

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October 06, 2000

Paid Tuition

I paid my final tuition bill today.

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When I got to work on Thursday people looked at me like I had preformed some kind of miracle by packing up the programmers desk. Oh well. As long as I get paid for packing it up. My own desk took about an hour to pack. By now my box of stuff should be traveling to the new building. At least I hope so.

I was also able to answer all but 20 of the e-mails that needed to be completed. It would be easy to finish them if they didn't just keep sending more and more. Again as long as I get paid, no problem.

My counselor created a balance sheet that shows which graduation requirement I have completed and which need to be finished. It looks like as long as I pass all of my classes I get to graduate. Now I just need to check up on what I need to do to get my Information Technology minor. They make it hard to figure out the process. It doesn't seem to be listed anywhere. So, I'm going to make another appointment with another department.

I still need to rewrite my film paper so that I incorporate my new theme. I'm going to relate they three parts of sci-fi films to parts of the film " 2001". I'll do that on Sunday.

I am going up to my girlfriends cabin this weekend. I'll probably end up spending a some of the time studying. I've been falling behind in my readings lately.

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October 04, 2000

Changing Buildings

I went in to work expecting to spend four or five hours and ended up spending almost eight. There was only 180 some e-mails that needed a response. I answered just over 100 of them. The rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

My department is moving to a new building this Friday. One of the programmers has been out of town for a couple of weeks and asked me to pack up his cubicle for him. It took almost three hours to place all of his piles of paper into four very large boxes. He is a stacker. A person who keeps everything they own in piles. Unfortunately his piles are not organized or very neatly stacked. I was able to identify where some of the piles started and ended. For the other piles I just kind of guessed.

I get to pack my desk tomorrow, since I don't work on Fridays. I'm guessing that it will only take about half an hour to clean and organize my desk. It'll be a cinch.

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The midterm wasn't that hard. Mostly multiple choice with a few true/false questions. I still need to double check some of my answers. Just so I can guess how well I did.

In about 20 minutes I get to meet with a CLA advisor to make sure that I have all of the requirements to graduate. This should be fun. Most likely they will just print off a few sheets of paper and read it to me. This will probably only last a few minutes as long as the university has everything recorderd right.

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Time to take a shower and go to class. I'll probably study for my midterm in class. I don't recomend studying in one class for another, but this is an introduction to the Internet course that I need to take for a minor. So, I know most of the material already.

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The pizza took forever to get here. They sent it to the wrong address. To someone named Kelly. Who ever had our phone number before we got it last month. They said they would change it and apologized. I'm going to sleep now. Later.

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I don't think that I'm really going to study tonight. Probably in the morning.

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October 03, 2000


Fourty to fifty minutes for the pizza. It's also cheaper to add an extra topping. Who knew?

Posted by Jeff at 11:57 PM

Need to Study

Now I need to study for my Interpersonal Communications mid-term. Maybe I'll order a pizza first.

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Film Class

Film class was a complete waste of time tonight. The movie Bicentenial Man sucks. It brought up some interesting ideas but some how forgot to address them. Oh, and the paper that was due was postponed until next week. I had to skip work to finish the paper and they just decide to extend the due date. Now I have to go in on my day off and answer probably 200 e-mails of people complaining because they forgot their passwords. Oh well. That's life.

Posted by Jeff at 11:03 PM